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The comments about the Kia Venga - My Kia Venga is going to be one years

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My Kia Venga is going to be one year, its race is 19 000 kilometers. The first impressions went away, so I will talk about second ones (I think it will be useful for people who want to buy this model).

Kia Venga,  Champagne Silver

Ill begin from the Kia Vengas disadvantages.

  • Kia Vengas paint is not good, there is the thin layer, so youll have a lot of chips and be ready for the appearance of the corrosion spots on the cars roof. But not every car can have it, we noticed this only on the light grey cars (you can correct this defect by the guarantee, because the producers know that it is their mistake may be).
  • When it is too cold you can feel very strong vibration if you switch on the R or D in the transmission, may be this vibration appears because of the some cushion or the engine or the transmission. After you heat the car, this vibration disappears, but nevertheless there is quite unpleasant.
  • What about the plastic passenger compartment? May be Renault Logan and Sanderos models have the worse ones (more rigid), but however these cars have another price
  • A lot of people talk about the noise insulation at the forums, but there is not the same common opinion: one person doesnt like it, another one likes (but also there are more expensive cars which are nosier than Kia Venga model).
  • The suspension bracket is quite rigid too, but there are cars with more rigid suspension bracket (for example, Ford Fiesta or Mitsubishi Colt), so it is not for everybody, but if you drive along the rough road, the Kia Venga will jingle as noisy as it will be going to brake. It is the constructive feature of the car.
  • The doors buttons are in the Prestige set is another story (it is great that I didnt buy them). These buttons brake in 2-3 months (dont take seriously the dealers words about the freezing after the heating).
  • When it is dump, you can feel the smell of the burning oil in the passenger compartment (I came across the same situation with the Kia Shuma model), it is uncorrected and you cant complain to the dealer, but although if you try
  • Also people complain on the fenders, hoods, back doors (may be it concerns only the one Slovak assemblage)
  • The seat upholsteries are very synthetic, in summer the back is always wet.
  • The drivers elbow-rest is not comfortable, it is short and high, I dont use it.
  • There is not any temperature-sensing device, but it is not serious, because there is the control lamp.
  • As for the left pole and its visibility, it is case in dispute too (SX-4 and Colt have the same problem)
Kia Venga,  Champagne Silver

The Kia Vengas advantages:

  • It has the small form, but in my opinion, there is enormous passenger compartment
  • There are not any specific tunnels at the back passengers feet.
  • The good transformations of the passenger compartment and the boot.
  • The high clearance.
  • The cars length is not long, so it is easy for parking.
  • I bought this car to drive to the cottage, and I like it because it is possible to put a lot of things into it. The engine and the transmission are approved, so I think, there will not be any problems.

So, read the comments about Kia Venga model, analyse the information and always pass the test drive before the buying!

If you dont agree write to the Kia Vengas forum! I will be glad to discuss.

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