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Detailed comment about Kia Venga 1,6 Prestige

Reviewer: | Kia Venga 1,6 Prestige

This response about Kia Venga 1,6 Prestige AT is divided into two parts: the first impression about new Kia Venga and the broadened response about this car after four months of using 11 January, 2013.

Kia Venga 1,6 Prestige

The first impression of the Kia Venga.

There is quite small number of the responses about this beautiful car, thats why I want to write about it. Because I have driven this car a little bit, but it doesnt matter.

I will start from the comments, which I had read before I bought this car.

  • As for the qualitative plastic it is nonsense! The plastic is excellent, it is gummed at the torpedo. The one thing you can find a fault with is the plastic behind the torpedo at the windshield. I will see its state in winter or after a long time, but I think it will be in the normal state. And also you dont buy the car because of the quality of plastic, do you?
  • As regards the bad quality of music. Guys, do you want the music? Just buy the musical apparatus with the subwoofer and the loud speakers! This car has the great quality of music! It has fantastical basses and quality of the voice, plus the loud sound. We usually listen to the music on the level of six, and we like it. When we tested this car, we wanted to try to listen on the maximum level, but we couldnt do this, because it was too loud!

There are things that made me glad and totally disagreed.

Well, I agree with the comments about noise, yes, you can hear the arcs in the Kia Venga, particularly if you are driving along the bad road. But there is not as much noise as it was described on the different sites, so Im not going to make the noise insulation, but I wanted to do this earlier.

Today Ive found the post about the thing I didnt like. It is the left front support. It is too wide so sometimes I have to bow a little to look through the side front window at the bends. But it is not such an awful imperfection, also I have more advantages.

Kia Venga 1,6 Prestige, ,

My Kia Venga is making me glad with every next kilometer, especially after the 1997 year car. I liked the controllability, but it needs some time to adapt. This car is quite fast moving and owing to the short hood and the wheels disposition on the very brink it is very easy to maneuver and drive out after the parallel parking.

My Kia Venga is in the full equipment. Of course, the hatch with the panoramic roof is something inexpressible. It gave the pleasure for a while to everybody who looked at her. The camera of back view is the important thing too. I didnt have to open the door to look back.

What I can say about mirrors.. They are smaller and worse than the mirrors I had, but they are also quite good. They provide the wide field of view, but there is as usual the little silent zone behind on the right. Besides I didnt have it in the previous car, but may be somebody put it there for himself.

The road clearance is the best, Ive just looked at myself from the outside and decided that I drove on the floor before. But I found the one negligible defect: if I sit almost on the top, it will be uncomfortable to step on pedals, because the foot is situated at the quite wrong angle. It is normal for the small distances, but I think it will be the problem if I decide to drive somewhere far.

I dont have anything to write about the automatic transmission, because Im still learning and I dont understand for example how to make it accelerated, in the other words, I dont realize the power and the speed of stepping on pedals. But as a whole the car becomes accelerated quickly, so it is very good for the driving out or the traffic jams.

 Kia Venga

Somebody wrote that the Kia Venga has the uncomfortable ergonomics. I disagree, because it is the most comfortable ergonomics that I have ever met. Everything is harmonic, it is easy to switch over to all the functions. So the negative comments about the bad ergonomics are strange for me. The one thing I noticed it is quite difficult to correct the headlights or to make the control panels brightness lower, because the buttons are behind the steering wheel. Of course, I know, it is not right to put them behind the steering wheel, but Ive just experimented. The previous car had these buttons and even the mirrors control behind the steering wheel and I never had this problem. But it is more the little shortcoming than the big defect. So I think that the ergonomics is excellent.

And of course, I remember about the boot. As you know it is very easy without any comments. It is just fine, but with the ability of the length and depth transformation it becomes fantastic. The boot was tested and it won the previous car with the big boot. In the whole this car is fabulous and I can give advice to everybody: buy it and you will not regret. Of course, the response lacked the information about the long exploitation of the Kia Venga, but Ill add it later.

Four months later

My Kia Venga has the 7500 kilometers as the run.

Ive started to choose the car with my wife, we had had the Mitsubishi Carisma model of 1997. We have been watching a lot of cars, and then we have gone to the auto salon to look at Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio models, because they are not so expensive. It have been the principle to buy the hatchback. And so, I went to the Kia Rio model, look round the salon and saw something I had never known and seen. I asked What is this? and heard the answer It is the Kia Venga model. A lot of customers came to buy other cars, but in the end they bought this model (some Kia Venga drivers agreed with these words). So, I came closer, look at her and understood that it was love at the first sight!

Kia Venga 1,6 Prestige, ,  -

Yes, Im smiling, but Im serious. At first, I thought that the car was only for women (but of course I understand that all cars are universal), then I started to look. I opened the door, sat down and understood that it was the car I had always wanted to own with its ergonomics and control panel. The road clearance was great, especially in comparison with the previous car. I thought that mirrors were too small, then I tried to drive the Kia Carisma model with its mirrors (I liked them very much) and understood that the Kia Venga models mirrors are bigger.

I sat down in the car again and I was surprised. It seemed to be very small, but there were a lot of space, and it was confirmed later. I drove with three strong build men after the coaching, it wasnt too tight and even the biggest man didnt set his kneels. Okay, there is a lot of positive information about the level floor, and I agree. So, lets talk about another important reason of choice. It is the boot. When I opened it, I realized that I wanted this car. Yes, the boot is smaller than I had in the previous car, but its possible transformations make me happy every time. Also there is the special shelf in the boot, and I like it very much. Before I had the specific box with the trivial details. But now all these things are under the hood so it is always empty. I can get the good beachhead when I lay it down. I tested it several times (there is the photo of the one of this tests below).

Kia Venga 1,6 Prestige -

And so we bought the Kia Venga model and went home. When the Honda Civic model went by us, I understood what the high car is and how low I had driven before. And now I wasnt blinded by other cars headlights. I didnt get accustomed to the automatic transmission, but after the running in, I started to test it. So I can tell you that if you are not the racer (also it is too silly to be the racer with the family car) you will like this transmission. The car starts quickly and takes the fast run. Sometimes I squeeze out the kickdown at the overtaking on the route and it works fantastic.

Everybody knows own opinion about the noise insulation. What about me, I dont complain, I listen to the music on the level of six, and I can hear everything and talk to everybody in the car. The engine is very quiet. Even if I am near the car, I will barely hear it. The one except is the arcs, of course. I was scared twice at the first rain, when I drove through the puddles. But it is not so important to refuse this buying.

What I can say about the road clearance. Of course I would want higher road clearance, but I think the car would be more unstable then. On the whole it is enough for me also to drive through the snow and borders. But I always remember that the Kia Venga model is not jeep. Also in comparison with the road clearance of the previous car, this road clearance is better. And I have never driven through the borders.

 Kia Venga

The sittings are very comfortable with the good side support and two separate elbow rests. They are not quite big, but I think, they are normal. But sometimes my neck becomes numb during the long driving, Ive never feel it before. I think I just cant to choose the right side of sitting. Although my back feels good.

Another advantage of the Kia Venga model is the glass heating in the canopy windscreen wiper zone. It is quite useful, because the glass becomes warmed up in a minute.

Also there is the Bluetooth in the car and I like it. I can drive and speak on the phone without any phone in my hands and garniture. So it kills the time well.

The car is full of the electronic devices and a lot of things were new for me. The ESP is the great device. Once it helped me at the turning, when the car was skidded in the friable snow, and suddenly the car turns to the right way itself. The camera of the back view is amazing. Of course I have never had the problems with parking, but it became acceptably. I can drive and see everything through the camera, even I can drive in the closest distance. The one shortcoming is the nerves of the other drivers. Sometimes I try to park to another car with the driver, and he starts to give the signals with the horn and the headlights, because he doesnt know that I see him. But the camera becomes dirty, so I always have to wipe it.

Of course, the Kia Venga model has the shortcomings. It is the left post. Yes, I get accustomed, but also it prevents at the left turn and I have to bow to look at the side window. But this post was created for the safety, so it is necessary shortcoming. The back window always becomes dirty, but if to look after it, it will be not a problem. And always there are different things that I want to have, for example the heating steering wheel, because the hands become cold in winter.

 Kia Venga

May be there are other shortcomings, I dont find the little fault with it and I dont see any real shortcomings. If you have the desire, you can critic the Maserati car.

This car is fantastic for the family, it is comfortable and spacious. Now I understand that the microvans and minivans are the cool cars, but not everybody got it. Everybody wants only the big black jeeps.

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